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Welcome to Happiness

June 19, 2021


Hey! You made it!

Welcome to Happiness, a Sceptics Guide a periodic peak into the world of wellbeing and the vagaries of self-help. In this podcast, we seek 'to sift the science from the snake-oil' to help you find the things that actually work, and make you happier.

Join your hosts, professional sceptic and self-help-abuser Paul Flower and Chartered Psychologist and author Dr Gary Wood for fortnightly short bursts of happiness that aim to be informative and fun, and give you ideas to take away to try out in between.

We're really looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us and glad you could join us

And remember, this podcast aims to bring you happiness, whatever your objections.


About Your Hosts

Paul Flower is a persistent worrier and amateur marketing person with a long history of promoting concerts and other events. He has worked for all the major commercial radio groups (mostly backstage) and the BBC. He can be pacified with craft ale and an indecent rhubarb crumble.

Dr Gary Wood is a Chartered Psychologist, solution-focused coach, and author. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has more than 20 years of experience teaching and applying psychology, in universities, for corporate training, and in the media. The one thing guaranteed to make him happy is a well-made coffee and a packet of fig rolls, or a Bakewell tart (not a euphemism).