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Happiness, A Sceptics Guide Review - The Story So Far Part Three (Bonus Ep.21)

February 6, 2022

In this bonus review episode (Ep.21), Paul Flower and Dr Gary Wood look back over the previous five episodes of the Happiness, A Sceptics Guide podcast on the theme of making the happiness insights stick, to formulate a personalised happiness development programme.  In the four (of the five) episodes, the podcast explores the theme of storytelling:

  • Telling Better Happiness Stories (Ep15)
  • Happiness and Christmastime Survival Tips (Ep16). Bonus Episode
  • Happiness, Goals and Resolutions (Ep17)
  • Happiness, and Trust and Truth and Blue Monday (Ep.18)
  • Happiness and Best Future Selves and Bucket Lists (Ep,19)

The present episode concludes with ideas from Paul of what the podcast should discuss next to keep the narrative moving in a worthwhile direction.

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